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College Football Odds Explanation


You have arrived at the Sportsbook Review College Football odds page. In the space above, you can find the betting odds for every college football game being offered from a wide range of online sportsbooks, updated throughout the day. Line histories and consensus reports are included for each game to help you with your picks.


The information you see can be tailored to suit your needs – look for the Settings menu near the top-right corner, where you can toggle between  American and decimal odds, and choose which of the four time zones in the U.S. to display. Running scores for games in progress can also be switched on or off.


Which betting lines do you want to see: point spreads, money lines, or totals? Or how about the spread and total combined? There's a drop-down menu near the top-left of the page where you can make your selection. You can also look at the odds for the entire game, or for each half or quarter. The arrow keys will allow you to scroll through each of the sportsbooks on our College Football odds board. An alternate view of each matchup can be seen by clicking on either of the two teams listed.


For more important information regarding each game, click on the blue information box that appears when you mouse over the team names. This will give you a menu with five categories: Information, Lines History, Injuries, Consensus, and Matchup. Here's what you'll find under each category.


Information: Time and location of game (including TV network), playing surface, weather, running score.


Lines History: A running account of the odds as they change from the open to the close at each sportsbook on our list.


Injuries: A list of injured players for both teams, specifying the injury and the player's status.


Consensus: A running account of how the action (in percentage of bettors) has changed since the open, for the point spread, money line and total.


Matchup: A comprehensive list of stats for both teams, describing their performance both on the field and at the betting window. Links are provided to more detailed team and weather reports from local media outlets.


You can also get a quick snapshot of the consensus numbers by mousing over the word “OPENER” near the top left of the College Football odds table. Note that our consensus reports are based on survey information and should not be read as a literal account of market activity. This consensus data is provided to help you make more informed choices when you're betting on college football.


Also, be sure to check out our College Football Future Odds page where you will find the current odds posted by the top rated sportsbooks.


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